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Quality assurance

  • Athena Valve Company


    At Athena Valve it is our policy to support our customers’success by consistently delivering Engineered valveproducts on-time that meet or exceed their requirements.Committed to driving continuous quality improvement with a focus on total customer satisfaction, we will strive to become a recognized industry leader for the design, manufacture, and testing of Engineered  Valve Products.

    Severe industry conditions can lead to extreme consequences in the blink of an eye. Harsh industry environments can create plant downtime and increase risks to employee safety. To prevent such disasters, companyies around the world turn to the experts at Athena valve.

    Athena’s ability todeliver on severe-service valves designed for industry-specific conditions is legendary.

    We’re an engineering driven company creating valves for the world’s most brutal conditions.

    Athena Valve works with its customers to develop valves they can depend on-day in and day out.


    Industries served

    Oil & Gas-Subsea to pipeline


    Chemical & Petrochemical



    Power Generation


  • Factory Address:Via Luigi Galvani, 21C, 20019 Settimo Milanese MI, Italy     TEL:0039-06-87567272      FAX:0039-06-490781      www.athenavalve.com