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  • With passion and continuity, we want to take care of our Customers in any situation, granting quality, safety and efficiency over the time.

    Our mission has as target to be closer as much as possible to our old and new Customers, always leaded by their needs, ready to share their technical problems and to work for finding the best solution.

    Our service has to exceed our Customers’ expectations. We must be able to anticipate their needs and to keep alive a trusting relationship based on proximity and future challenges sharing.

    With our commitment to future generations; our mission is to ensure a sustainable environment for all living kinds and update our values for the society.


    As manufacturers of engineered products for applications in very severe conditions, we work to improve our image of being reliable, flexible, high quality suppliers. So doing re-enforces the image that Customers have of ATHENA Engineering S.R.L. as being a reliable and trustworthy partner in the markets that we serve: Power (Fossil, Geothermal and Nuclear), Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, LNG and Cryogenics, Refining, Industrial steam applications, and many other liquid process handling specialties.

  • Factory Address:Via Luigi Galvani, 21C, 20019 Settimo Milanese MI, Italy     TEL:0039-06-87567272      FAX:0039-06-490781      www.athenavalve.com