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  • Since the beginning our Athena Engineering has been to actively contribute to the development of technology, not only with our own R&D department, but also participating to National and International Standardization Committees. We believe that such job contributes also to the upgrading and to the updating of technologic knowledge of our people, empowering their skills in designing and manufacturing "state-of-the-art" products. Today Athena Company is member of:

    UNI – Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione (Italian Standardization Society) and participates to following Committees:

    UnificazioneTC 69 - Applications of statistical methods
    TC 153 - Industrial Valves
    UNICEN - GdL 4 - Nuclear Section - Systems and Components Qualificatio
    UNICEN - GdL 7 - Nuclear Section - Technologies of Mechanical Components

    CTI - Comitato Termotecnico Italiano (Thermotechnic Italian Commitee) and participates to following Committees:

    SC 3 - Heathers and Pressure Pressurized Systems
    GL 304 - Structural Safety of Pressurized Systems
    SG 1 - Creep

    MSS – Manufacturing Standardization Society and participates to following Committees:

    MSS TC 106 - Cast iron valves
    TC 114 - Steel valves
    TC 115 - Instrument valves
    TC 306 - Valve operation
    TC 401 - Ball Valves
    TC 407 - Butterfly valves

    CEN – European Committee for Standardization and participates to following Committees:

    • TC 69 WG 9 - Ball valves

    As well as for the Standardization Associations, Athena’s strongly support Italian Associative work.

    The  Athena Company is member of the most important Industrial Italian Association as:


    Member since 1945
    ANIMA – Associasione Nazionale Industria Meccanica e Affine
    Member of AVR (Valve Manufacturers) since 1959
    Member of UCC (Boiler Manufacturers)



    ANIMP – Associazione Nazionale di Impiantistica Industriale


    Member of Working Group "Politiche Energetiche Ambientali ed Industriali"


    The Industrial cluster for power generation, transmission and distribution established by Regione Lombardia.
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